Community Service

As of August 2022 – Updated Community Service Hours required for high school graduation are as follows:
• Class of 2023 – 0 hours (Requirement has been Suspended/Waived)
• Class of 2024 – 15 hours (MODIFIED)

For Class of 2025 & beyond:
SUHSD requires that a minimum of 30 hours of non-paid community service to be performed by students as part of their graduation requirements. Each date of community service must be documented on the SUHSD Community Service Verification Form and/or Verification Log.

Community Service Verification Form

Community Service Documentation Form

SUGGESTED schedule for completion:

  • 9th Grade: 6 hours
  • 10th Grade: 8 hours
  • 11th Grade: 8 hours
  • 12th Grade: 8 hours

**All Community Service Forms are to be completed and turned in to your current History/Social Science Teacher.

The minimum requirement as part of the SUHSD high school graduation requirements is to complete 30 hours of community service. However, students are encouraged to do more!


Students should not start any community service activity prior to receiving written approval from their Social Science teacher in order to ensure credit. Parents are also required to sign their student’s community service forms before the activity is started as permission to participate in the activity AND after their student has completed the community service as verification and validation that the activity was completed. Failure to receive the required signature prior to the start of the activity may cause the hours to be denied.

Examples of what IS community service

  • Volunteering with a non-profit community service organization
  • Community service club activities (not meetings)
  • Community service through Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts
  • Community service through a religious institution
  • Political campaign activities
  • Assisting with City Park & Recreation programs
  • Assisting at Boys or Girls Clubs
  • Helping at a hospital, convalescent home, or orphanage
  • School-sponsored peer tutoring after school hours or on weekends
  • Weekend campus clean-up, beautification activities
  • Helping with a non-profit community sports team
  • Helping with sports events of younger children, refereeing, etc.
  • Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, locally or abroad.
  • Unpaid poll worker on Election Day (must be organized through school)
  • Giving blood (2 hours of community service allowed and OK to be done during school hours if it is a school sponsored blood drive)
  • Donating hair to an organization that makes wigs for cancer victims (2 hours of community service allowed)


Examples of what is NOT community service

  • Sales of items for fund-raisers.
  • Work often done by student aides, such as office, teacher, or library aides
  • Service performed for a profit-making organization
  • Work during regular school hours
  • What would usually be considered normal extracurricular (or co-curricular) activities, such as sports and sports related activities (managers), cheerleading, participating in school performance activities that are related to a class, ASB activities, etc.
  • Working for an individual teacher (or teachers) such as grading papers
  • Service where the recipient is a family member or where a family member supervises the service
  • Related to a class, credit for a class, or the making of profit, defraying costs of trips, etc.
  • Receiving pay for the service
  • Credit for the number of cans collected for a food drive, toys given, money collected, etc.

Here are some helpful sites:

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