California Scholarship Federation


CSF Applications will be able to be submitted Monday 8/15 – Wednesday 8/31. They will only be able to be turned in during nutrition break on MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY ONLY, in room 210. NO LATE OR INCOMPLETE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED!!

Here is what you need to submit a successful application:

  1. Completed CSF Form, can be found on this post. The document can be edited online then printed, it is a live PDF.
  2. Printed transcript, instructions can be found on this post
  3. CSF Form stapled ON TOP of Transcript

If you have any questions, please refer them to our email at:

Or our instagram page: orhs_csf

ONLY EMAIL Mr. Valdez after you have tried the first email and or instagram. He will not respond if you have not used those mediums first.


Instruction on how to view your transcript

CSF Application

What is CSF?
CSF stands for the California Scholarship Federation and it is a nationally recognized honor society. Starting in 10th grade, if you are a member of CSF for at least four semesters, including one semester during your senior year, you will graduate as a life member of CSF. CSF life members receive special recognition at the graduation ceremony.

How due you qualify for CSF membership?
You must apply to be a member of CSF every semester based on the previous semester’s grades. You must earn a minimum of 10 points from the previous semester’s grades (the first 4 points must come from LIST I courses; the first 7 points must be from LISTS I & II courses; it is possible to have all 7 points be from LIST I courses and none from LIST II); the remaining points may come from LIST I, II, or III courses – for a copy of the breakdown of courses by LIST please refer to the 2nd page of the application. You may use no more than 5 courses to qualify for CSF membership. CSF points are granted as follows: A = 3 CSF points (an A in an AP or Honors course earns 4 CSF points); B = 1 CSF point (a B in an AP or Honors course earns 2 CSF points). A note on extra points in AP classes – you may only use the extra point earned from taking an AP or Honors course twice, resulting in an allowed maximum of 2 extra points on the application. C = 0 CSF points. A grade of D or F in any course (scholarship or citizenship), even if you are not using the course to qualify for CSF, disqualifies you from membership at that time.

When can you apply for CSF membership?
The application window for CSF is the first two weeks at the beginning of every semester. Membership for the current semester is determined by grades received the PREVIOUS semester. For example if you apply for CSF membership in the Spring semester, you are using your final grades from the previous fall semester to qualify. Applications must be submitted by the announced deadline (please check the due date at the top of the application). There are NO EXCEPTIONS for applications turned in after the announced deadline.