Reporting an Absence



Absences reported from a student account will not be cleared. ORHS will ONLY clear absences from  Primary Guardian/Parent Emails that are on file in Infinite Campus. Please ensure your email address is correct in infinite campus to report an absence through this form.

Reporting an Absence Form

If your student is absent, full days only, please use the Reporting an Absence form and make sure you are using the Primary Guardian/Parent emails that are filed on your student’s infinite campus. If you are requesting an off-campus pass, please send a note with your child to the attendance office or call (619) 591-5004 in the morning to give us time to pull the student out and have him/her wait for pick up. Off campus passes from 11:00am to 12:00pm can be emailed to Nancy Prieto (

Main phone number: (619) 591-5004
Secondary phone number: (619) 591-5039

If you believe that your student was marked absent in error by the teacher, please email the teacher directly to clarify any errors. The teacher will then submit the attendance revision.

If your child is out due to COVID exposure, symptoms, and or positive test, please contact the nurse at 619-591-5013 for instructions on when a student can return to school.

Attendance Coordinator: Irene Leivas-Howard

  • Email:
  • Phone: 619-591-5033

If your child will be out 5-15 days, there is the option of initiating an Independent Study Contract. Contact Ms. Leivas-Howard to start the process.


Students cannot learn if they are not in school. California schools no longer receive funding for students who are sick or “excused”. It is essential that your child attend school whenever possible – even if it is just for part of the day. Satisfactory explanation from the parent or guardian is required for the absence of a student for all or any part of the school day. The explanation may be given in writing.

Students who miss class must have a parent/guardian provide a note to excuse the absence within ten (10) school days of the absence. If it is not excused within the ten days, students must attend Saturday School to clear the absence. (SUHSD Board Policy 5112)

Leaving School Early
Otay Ranch High School is a CLOSED campus by action of the Board of Education. No student may leave during the school day without first obtaining a Permit to Leave Campus in the Attendance Office. Permits will be issued during office hours only if the parent/guardian has given written permission to the school. Students who leave early without first obtaining permission from the office will be assigned a “CUT” which may result in disciplinary action and/or assignment failure.

Off Campus Pass
Students must bring a parent/guardian note to the attendance office in the morning to get an off campus pass. With this note, we call to confirm and parent does not need to come into the attendance office. The student can sign themselves out and go. With out a note parent must come in, must show ID, and must sign the off campus before attendance can send the pass to your student. Only Parent or Guardian can pick up the student unless parent or guardian lets attendance know who will pick up their student and they must be listed on the emergency card. We stop issuing off campus passes at 3:20 pm on block days, at 2:15 pm on pro-hour days and at 12:55 am on minimum days. If your student is feeling sick they are not allowed to call or text parents to go home. They need to go to the nurses office to be evaluated and the nurse will call parent/guardian to give your student an off campus pass.

All students that come in late must report to the attendance windows. Students must have a note from parent/guardian with the reason you were unable to come to school on time to be able to get an excused pass to class. Notes from parent/guardian must have a reason why student was late, signature and phone number to reach parent/guardian if we have any questions. Please don’t allow students to write out the notes. If it is a personal matter, you can put personal. Waking up late will not be excused.

Please note: Students must clear their Saturday Academy assignment to be off the list. Non-Priviliege lists will roll over to the next year if not cleared.

Attendance printouts

  • Nutrition break
  • Lunch
  • After school

Not during class time

Late Notes

Late Students need to report to the Attendance windows with a note From Parent/Guardian. Note needs reason why student is Unable to come to school on time to receive an Excused pass to class. Note needs Contact number and Parent/Guardian Signature. Please do not allow your students to write their own notes.

Waking up late will not be excused