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Medication administered in school. 2018
Over the Counter Medication Authorization ENGLISH
Over The Counter Medication Authorization SPANISH

Medications it is necessary to have a doctor’s order for any prescribed medication taken or used at school. For over-the-counter medications (Tylenol, Advil, etc.), a permission slip signed by the parent is needed to be able for the nurse to administer in school. The doctor writing the order must be licensed in California. All medication orders will end at the end of the school year. Ongoing medications need to be reordered each school year. The order must state the name of the medication and the dosage to be used at school. The medication needs to be in the original prescription container. Inhalers and Epi-pens are the only medications which may be carried by the student and must be stated on the doctor’s order, and verified by the parent. The nurse has the district approved Medication Order form or you may print it online to be filled out and signed by the doctor and parent. This must be turned in to the nurse with the medication.

PE excuses must be written out by the parent, as long as it is only for one or two days. The nurse can give PE excuses for a maximum of three days without a doctor’s note. If your student should have an injury, illness, or condition which would require a long term PE excuse, a doctor’s order or statement of the condition will be required. The order should include the reason for the excuse as well as the duration and the type of restrictions required. If there are special considerations, such as crutches, special accommodations, diet restrictions, etc., these should be included on the order. The order needs to be brought to the nurse, who will then alert the PE teacher to the situation or may be given to the PE teacher directly. When the student is cleared to return to regular activity, the student should bring a written release from the doctor. All orders or statements of conditions must be written by a doctor licensed and practicing in California. It is important that the school nurse is alerted to any medical or physical condition which could in some way hinder your student’s learning process, in order to assist in making the appropriate accommodations.