HEY Tutors

Greetings Students,

Join us for Math Tutoring during lunch, hosted by HEY Tutors! Whether you’re tackling complex equations or seeking extra practice, our skilled tutors are here to provide personalized assistance and support. Bring your questions, homework, or simply your enthusiasm to delve deeper into the world of mathematics. This is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your math skills in a relaxed and friendly environment. Lunchtime math tutoring is not just about solving problems—it’s about unlocking your potential and building confidence in your mathematical abilities. Don’t miss out on this chance to make lunchtime a time of growth and learning. We look forward to seeing you for tutoring in the College and Career Center!


Saturday Academy

Join Saturday Academy to address tardies and unexcused absences while receiving valuable tutoring support, ensuring a successful academic journey. This is your opportunity to make up missed class time, fulfill attendance requirements, clear from the Non-Priviledge list and strengthen your understanding of course material. Invest in your academic success by attending Saturday Academy and taking a proactive step towards excellence.


College Signees

Congrats the these young ladies who will be continuing their playing careers in college.

From left to right
Lexi Taitague | Colorado Christian [soccer]
Ximena Cordero-Barr | UC Davis [volleyball]
Nataly Lozano | CSU Fullerton [softball]
Isabel Cintron | University of Houston [softball]