History / Social Science

Section “A” of the “a – g” requirements. Four semesters are needed to satisfy completion of this section from US History, Government, World History and World Geography. Additional credits beyond requirements can satisfy “g” elective.

The following courses are taught by the Social Science department:

  • US History (US)
  • AP US History (APUSH)
  • AP European History (AP Euro)
  • AP Macroeconomics (Macro)
  • AP Microeconomics (Micro)
  • Government (Gov.)
  • World History & Cultures (WH)
  • World Geography (WG)
  • Comprehensive Health (H)
  • Introduction to Ethnic Studies
  • Psychology (Psy)
  • Sociology (Soc.)
  • Social Issues in film (film)
  • Mexican-American Studies (MAS)
  • Economics (Econ)
  • AP Human Geography (AP HuG)