Tobacco Use Prevention Education



Sponsored by the San Diego County Office of Education: Friday Night Live, FNL Chapter

 2013-2014 TUPE brochure

2014 TUPE Youth Development Institute Camp Agenda

2013-2014 TUPE – MIQS Patient Flyer

2013/2014 ORH TUPE/Staying Healthy Club

Our TUPE/Staying Healthy Club meets in room #455 every Thursday during lunch time, 12:15-12:45.

  • TUPE Advisor: Greg
  • Staying Healthy Club Advisor: Mitchell Burton

All ORH students are welcome to join our TUPE/Staying Healthy Club and participate in a variety of health related, anti-tobacco activities on our site and in our community.

Check this 3 minute video produced by Time Warner Cable:

Fight for Air Walk and Making Strides Against Breast Cancer [November 10, 2013]

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