Special Education

The following courses are taught by the Special Education department:

  • English
  • US History
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Health
  • Social Science
  • Science
  • READ 180
  • Algebra Fundamentals
  • Economics
  • US Government
  • Study Skills
Staff Position email
Martha Ingham School Psychologist martha.ingham@sweetwaterschools.org
Kevin Costa Speech-Language kevin.costa@sweetwaterschools.org
Marco Dickinson Resource Teacher marco.dickinson@sweetwaterschools.org
Barbara Wheeler Fundamental Teacher barbara.wheeler@sweetwaterschools.org
Chad Pearson Fundamental Teacher
Department Chair
Sandra Petix Fundamental Teacher sandra.petix@sweetwaterschools.org
Charlene Olivares Fundamental Teacher charlene.olivares@sweetwaterschools.org
Erika Morales-Avery Co-Teacher erika.avery@sweetwaterschools.org
John King Fundamental Teacher john.king@sweetwaterschools.org
Helen Narvaza Co-Teacher helen.narvaza@sweetwaterschools.org
Micheal Moriarity Co-Teacher micheal.moriarity@sweetwaterschools.org
Bridgette Pauter Transition- M/S Teacher bridgette.pauter@sweetwaterschools.org
Lena Lee Transition- M/S Teacher lena.lee@sweetwaterschools.org
Howard Bivens M/S Teacher MOD howard.bivens@sweetwaterschools.org
Janet Tope M/S Teacher janet.tope@sweetwaterschools.org
Sara Williams M/S Teacher sara.williams@sweetwaterschools.org
Robert McCurdy Adapted PE Teacher robert.mccurdy@sweetwaterschools.org