Section “D” of the “a – g” requirements. Two laboratory years of science are needed to satisfy completion of this section. Additional credits beyond requirements can satisfy “g” elective.

The following courses are taught by the Science department:

  • Biology (B)
  • Chemistry (C)
  • Physics (P)
  • Planetary Science (PS)
  • Earth Science (ES)
  • Life Science (LS)
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology (H)
  • AP Physics (APP)
  • AP Physics C (PC)
  • AP Chemistry (AC)
  • AP Biology (AB)
  • Biology Forensics (BF)


Teacher E-mail Courses
Amarasinghe, Asoka  C, B Acc
Betz, Charles  P, P Hn, APP
Callado, Jorge  B
Contreras, Juan  C, C Hn
Ehlert Cash, Antje  B, H
Estrada, Scott  P, AC
Hall, Jorgina  AB, B Acc
Lobarbio, Ronaldo  P Hn, PC
Ma Suy, Jorge  B, AB, B Acc
McBride, Brian  H
Persky, Beth  ES, BF
Quevedo, Juanita  C
Salazar, Hayley  C Hn
Sullivan, Gregory  B