English Language Arts

Section “B” of the “a – g” requirements. Eight semesters needed to satisfy completion of this section. Additional credits beyond requirements can satisfy “g” elective.

The following courses are taught by the English department:

  • English 9, 10, 11, 12
  • CAHSEE English
  • AP English Literature
  • READ 180
  • English Accelerated
Teacher E-mail Courses
Davis, Jennifer Jennifer.Davis@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 10
Decherd, Nancy Nancy.Decherd@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 10, ACC
Delgado, Daniel Daniel.Delgado@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 11 Honors
Ecklund, Carla Carla.Ecklund@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 10
Foncerrada, Lindsey Lindsey.Foncerrada@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 9, AP
Galvan, Silvia Silvia.Galvan@sweetwaterschools.org  
Gonzalez, Roberto Roberto.Gonzalez@sweetwaterschools.org  
Horton, Roger Roger.Horton@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 11, SEI
Kray, Dan Dan.Kray@sweetwaterschools.org  
La’O, Samantha Samantha.Lao@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 9 ACC, AOCJ
Ma Suy, Arlene Arlene.Masuy@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 9 ACC
Miller, Stephanie Stephanie.Miller@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 9, ACC, Read 180
Monge, Ana Ana.Monge@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 9, ACC, 10
Murphy-McLaughlin, Leslie Leslie.Mclaughlin@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 11
Narvaza, Helen Helen.Narvaza@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 9, 11
Ochoa, Marcos Marcos.Ochoa@sweetwaterschools.org Eng AP, 10
Petty, Kathryn Kathryn.Petty@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 10, AOJ
Rodriguez, Gretel Gretel.Rodriguez@sweetwaterschools.org  
Rowe, Mary Mary.Rowe@sweetwaterschools.org  
Saiki, Maria Maria.Saiki@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 10 ACC
Wheeler, Barbara Barbara.Wheeler@sweetwaterschools.org Eng 10, Study skills