Academy of Criminology and Justice

Mission Statement

Otay Ranch High School’s Academy of Criminology and Justice, in partnership with the Chula Vista Police Department, is committed to the empowerment of students through high academic, moral, and ethical standards by combining a rigorous A-G (college prep) program with other Academy requirements. The Academy fosters a sincere respect for law and order while stimulating interest in careers in law enforcement and justice.

Entrance Requirements

• Complete the Academy application which can be accessed by clicking on APPLICATION. Turn in the completed application to the Assistant Principal Secretary.

• Obtain a letter of recommendation from a middle or high school teacher. Turn this letter in with your application.

• Sign parent/student contract which can be accessed by clicking on CONTRACT. Turn the contract in with your application.

• Submit a suitable writing sample with your application.

• You must have a minimum 2.5 GPA to enter the program. Applicants not meeting this standard will be considered on an individual basis and upon acceptance into the Academy, will be placed on probation.

Diploma Seal Requirements

Successful completion of the program earns a special Academy seal on the diploma. In addition, letters of recommendation may be provided to students. Students must:

• Participate in the program for a minimum of three years

• Complete all A of CJ course requirements

• Complete a minimum of 100 hours community service

• Consistently participate in the Upper Cadet program both as junior and senior

• Complete all UC/CSU A-G and SUHSD requirements

• Earn and maintain a 2.5 academic GPA and 3.0 citizenship GPA

• Follow the Academy “Code of Conduct”

Participation Requirements

In order to participate in the Academy of Criminology and Justice program students must:

• Adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times.
• Meet all Academy course requirements.
• Maintain a minimum 2.5 academic GPA and 3.0 citizenship GPA
• Maintain a 97% minimum attendance and punctuality rate
(ORHS reserves the right to determine eligibility on a case by case basis following an interview with the student and parents.)

Code Of Conduct

Students participating in the Academy of Criminology and Justice will always represent Otay Ranch High School and the Chula Vista Police Department by demonstrating excellence in the following:

• Integrity, honesty, and trust

• Ownership of individual behavior

• Adherence to the principle of Rule of Law

• Respectful interaction with others

• Leadership

• Community service

• Wearing of the Academy uniform

• Attendance and punctuality (97% attendance rate excluding major illness or bereavement)

• Academics (maintain a GPA of 2.5 or better on semester report cards)

• Adherence to all Academy course requirement

Course Requirements


• English 9 A of CJ or

• English 9 Accelerated A of CJ

• PE A of CJ

• Administration of Justice, Accelerated (in lieu of World Geog.)



• English 10 A of CJ or

• English 10 Accelerated A of CJ

• PE A of CJ



• Psychology A of CJ

• Sociology A of CJ

• AP U.S. History or

• U.S. History A of CJ, HONORS

• Upper Cadets (an extra-curricular commitment)



• AP Government or

• U.S. Government A of CJ, HONORS

• Upper Cadets (an extra-curricular commitment)



• Biology A of CJ (Biology of A of CJ, HONORS)

• AP Biology

• Chemistry A of CJ (Chemistry A of CJ, HONORS)

• AP Chemistry

• Forensic Biology (prerequisite requirements)



• AP Statistics

• AP Calculus

• Probability and Statistics/Trigonometry A of CJ

Uniform Requirements

Uniform Guidelines for Grades 9 and 10

FORMAL AND SCHOOL DRESS REQUIREMENTS : To be worn during activities outside of normal school hours AND anytime Cadets are representing the Academy of Criminology and Justice out in the community. This same uniform will be worn on Inspection Days at school. (Your PE coach will announce inspection days.)

• Navy blue t-shirt with Academy insignia – We will provide this.

• Navy blue Dickies (work pants #874)

• Black webbed belt with plain silver buckle (approx. $1.99 at Dickie store)

• Black Classic K-Swiss shoe (approx. $45 at Dickie story)

• Navy blue jacket with patch – We will provide this.

Inspection Guidelines

• Students MUST be in their School Dress uniform the entire school day.

• Students MUST at all times have shirt tucked in.

• Hair may NOT touch collar; Girls with longer hair must pull/secure up for the entire school day. (This is a safety issue.) Boys need haircuts if hair touches collar.

• Girls and Boys may only wear post earrings. (This is a safety issue.)

• No visible tattoos.

• Shoes need to be clean and shiny.

• Belts must be secured; no dangling or frayed belts.

Inspection is part of the PE grade, but any Academy teacher may contribute to the Inspection Grade if students are not dressed appropriately for the entire school day.