Student Survey

CORE Social- Emotional Climate Culture Student Survey


All students will be completing the survey on Thursday November 16th during ELP 3. The survey can be completed on your laptops using the links below. If you do not have a laptop you have the option to use your cell phone to complete the survey. Teachers will also have paper copies of the survey in case you do not have access to a laptop or cellphone.

Seniors who do not have access to a cellphone will be completing the survey in class on paper copies provided to your teachers.

The CORE Social-Emotional & Climate Culture (SECC) Survey contains 49 questions that should take approximately 20 minutes. The SECC Survey measures the following non-cognitive skills that research indicates are foundational contributors to academic success:
– Self Management
– Self Efficacy
– Social Awareness
– Growth Mindset

The survey also measures the health of our school’s climate and culture.

Link to use –

Your Student Usernames (UN) and Passwords (PW) are:
UN: Student ID
PW: 8 digit birthday (no spaces, hyphens, etc.)

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support in completing this survey.

Have a great week Mustangs!!