Incoming Freshmen and New Student Orientation – July 12

ORIENTATION DATE in the Gymnasium:

July 12, 2018 – Future Mustang Orientation

                            (Incoming Freshmen and new students only)

                            (A-L)                       8:30 AM – 11AM

                           (M-Z)                      12:30 PM – 3PM


Orientation will include information to students regarding the upcoming year, a tour of the campus, an opportunity to purchase spirit gear, and a Mustang Card.  Also, students will take their picture for the yearbook and receive their Otay Ranch ID card.



Otay Ranch High School Mustang Card:  $40.00.  Price includes free admission to all home football and basketball games (excluding CIF Competitions), spirit shirt, drawstring bag, lanyard and an ORH pennant.  Students must present ID card with “Mustang Sticker” for entry into each contest.



Black ORHS Stitched Sweatshirt $40.00
Blue ORHS Sweatshirt $20.00
Logo Hook Jacket (Navy) $40.00
Gray/Navy Dri-Fit Hooded Sweatshirt $40.00
Beanie Cap (Gray) $12.00
Beanie (Blue/New Era) $15.00
Combination Locks $6.00
Drawstring Bag $10.00
Hat (New Era, Headwear & Port Authority) $15.00
Nike Hat $25.00
Lanyard $2.00
Pennants $5.00
ORHS Athletic Shorts (Dri-Fit) $12.00
Ladies shorts w/logo (Navy/white) $20.00
Gray Shirt (Dri-Fit) $12.00
Spirit Shirts $12.00
Logo Ladies Long Sleeve Shirt (Navy or Black) $12.00
Spirit towel $3.00
Sweatpants $20.00
Logo Ladies Sweatpants $30.00
Luau – 8/3/18 (Price increase during final week of sales) $10.00
Yearbook 2018-19 School Year $65.00
$70 After Fall Break
$75 After Winter Break
$80 After Spring Break



Please make checks payable to ORHS ASBLast day to accept checks will be May 1, 2019.


Cheer Tryouts

We’d like to welcome our new cheer coach Ms. Kendra Flatts to the Mustang family. Cheer tryouts will be scheduled when we return from summer break. Tryout dates will be posted on the school website. Please be sure to visit the registermyathlete.com website to fill out the clearance documents, and ensure you have an updated physical examination to be cleared for tryouts and the season. Have a great summer!


Community Meeting – Site Master Plan

On behalf of the Sweetwater Union High School District, please join us on May 23, 2018 @ 6:00 p.m. in the Library for a presentation on school site facility master plans. School Site Master Plans identify facility needs, and assist in developing the future of our campuses. A presentation of the master plan will be followed by community engagement focus groups. Thank you for the opportunity to collaborate with your community.

En nombre del distrito Sweetwater Union High School District, extendemos una cordial invitación para que nos acompañe el 23 mayo de 2018 a las 6:00 p.m. en la biblioteca para una presentación sobre los planes maestros de las instalaciones del plantel escolar, los cuales identifican las necesidades de las instalaciones y ayudan a desarrollar el futuro de los campus escolares. Después de la presentación del plan maestro proseguiremos con los grupos de enfoque de participación de la comunidad. Gracias por la oportunidad de colaborar con su comunidad.

Master Plan Community Meetings Flyer

Master Plan Community Meetings Flyer – Español



Senior Survey

Senior Survey for 2017-18 is now ready for access. Senior Survey will be administered through Illuminate.

It will be available today Tuesday May 1st through June 6th


Students can access the Senior Survey here

Have students use their Username: ID number

                                    Password: DOB (MMDDYYYY)


Once they login, they will choose TAKE ASSESSMENT.

Have the students choose SENIOR SURVEY 2017-18 under Assessments.


ORH Graduation 2018

June 4, 2018 @ 9AM

Southwestern College Stadium
900 Otay Lakes Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91910

General information

  • Gates will open at 7AM for the general public
  • Graduates are to report to the stadium at 8AM with cap and gown in hand.
  • Graduation will start promptly at 9AM

To ensure a positive experience for everyone and avoid an extra trip to your car, we kindly invite you to read below the list of prohibited items as ALL bags will be checked at the entrance by Southwestern College.


Prohibited Items

No large bags – No strollers – No baby powder – No umbrellas
No aerosol products – No drones, remote control aircrafts/car – No blankets/towels – Stadium Chairs Only
No air horns – No drugs or drug paraphernalia – No bottles (glass or metal) – No chains/chain wallets
No balloons – No e-cigs/vapes – No hydro flasks – No coolers
No re-entry – No fireworks/explosives/road flares – No knives/weapons sharp objects – No flags
No confetti/cannons/bags – No hover boards/skateboards/segways – No laser pointers/glow sticks/LED gloves – No mace/pepper spray
No pets/animals (unless ADA approved) – No outside food or drink – No fliers/samples/giveaways – No selfie sticks/tripods
No bikes/scooters/skates – No hula hoops – No large industrial video cameras
No guns/tasers/ammunition – No sharpies/marker/paint pens – No toy guns/squirt guns/slingshots


We recommend all families to arrive early as parking will be impacted by the large crowds. Entrances to Southwestern College will be from Otay Lakes Rd. or East H St. Traffic patterns will be setup by Southwestern College Police to direct guests to designated parking areas. Handicap parking will be available in Lots M and N. Please know a handicap plate or placard will be required. At the conclusion of the ceremony, please help prevent traffic jams by exiting the facility and parking lot in a timely manner.


For safety and security reasons, please know Southwestern College will close its gates once stadium capacity is reached. We recommend arriving an hour early to plan for traffic, parking, and walking.


Family and friends who are not able to attend will now have the opportunity to witness our student’s big day through Live Stream!
The entire event from beginning to end will be live streamed offering the best view in the house!
Please connect to the link below to enjoy this option:

  • Livestream link will be provided as we get closer to the event date.





En Español

Parents/Guardians of Sweetwater Union High School Students:

The first of three planned school walkouts is scheduled for March 14, 2018 to mark the one-month anniversary of the tragic school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. The organizers of the “National School Walkout” are calling for students to walk out of school for 17 minutes, one minute for each victim, to show their frustration with the lack of political action taken in response to the many school shootings that have occurred in the United States.

A listing of the national walkouts/demonstrations include:

Like our colleagues throughout the nation, we are deeply saddened by the events in Florida and have worked with district stakeholders (students, staff, parents, community members) to develop resources and guidance for supporting our schools and students. In addition, we recognize that this is an opportunity to provide guidance to students on how they can be civically engaged and politically active in a safe and constructive manner. As a district, it is important for us to seek opportunities to listen and understand, with respect and empathy, while helping our students develop their voices. The Parkland school shooting has prompted emotion and student engagement across our nation, however, for safety reasons, we are encouraging students to remain on campus and in school during the scheduled walkouts.


Please find below some frequently asked questions that you may find helpful:

Q: Will school be in session on the student walkouts listed above?

A: School is in session for two of the scheduled walkouts (i.e., March 14 and April 20). The March 24, 2018 date is a Saturday during Spring Break. We expect students to attend school and classes on all scheduled school days so please make sure your children are in school. We would also recommend that all parents/guardians speak with their child/children about the upcoming walkouts and encourage them to not leave school, but to find alternative ways to express their views on campus (see suggested alternatives below).

Q: What are schools doing to prepare for the walkouts?

A: School leaders have been encouraged to reach out to student leaders to discuss plans for the upcoming walkouts and discuss alternatives. This discussion should result in a strategy that is meaningful and productive, allowing student voices to be heard in a safe environment.

Schools are also designating time for classroom discussions prior to the planned walkouts. It is important that our students understand the history of protests and civil demonstrations in our nation and the world. We want our students to be informed about the issues, and to appropriately honor the Parkland students. Schools have also been provided with resources which can support lesson planning around social movements (e.g., protests, counter-protests, demonstrations, etc) which have impacted societies across the world.

Q: What are the consequences of leaving class for students?

A:  Legally, students voluntarily electing to leave class/campus without authorization are truant and subject to the same consequences as any other truant student. It is, however, important to note that district students will not be punished for their participation in a school approved event. We are also aware that students have differing views and it is never our intent to force participation in demonstrations against their will. It is up to each student to determine whether or not they participate.

Q: Will teachers walk out as well?

A: California law mandates that school districts carefully supervise students while they are on school premises during the school day. No district staff should leave class, school premises, and/or abandon their position and duties without authorization. It is also expected that teachers, if a walkout from school is imminent and unavoidable, stay behind to provide instruction to students who choose not to participate, unless otherwise directed by school administration.

Q: Will students receive consequences if they participate in an upcoming walkout?

A: The law requires that students attend school. Students who leave school to participate in a non-school organized event may be considered truant and be given typical consequences for their actions.  However, students will not be punished for participating in school approved and organized civic actions.

Q: Can students organize a protest at school?

A: It depends on the specific activities planned and when the protest will take place. Schools can adopt reasonable rules which regulate the “time, place, and manner” for exercising free speech rights. So, students cannot organize a protest if it will disrupt the orderly operation of the school or commit an act that is unlawful or in violation of school rules. It should be noted, however, that peaceful, orderly protests at lunch or before or after school, can be organized. The size of the demonstration, as well as other factors, may affect when and where student-led demonstrations may occur.

Q: What are possible alternatives to walkouts?

A: Some of the discussed alternatives have included:

  • Before/after school events (instead of walkout)
    • Supervised after school access to auditoriums with reasonable time restrictions
    • Other before/after school activities as appropriate
  • Lunch activities (instead of walkout)
  • A planned forum at the precise times when walkouts are planned
  • Discussions with local or national politicians
  • Letter writing and social media campaigns
  • Free speech zone for student speeches
    • Schools can regulate vulgar, lewd, obscene, and offensive speech
    • Must be aware that both sides of the issue(s) may be presented by various students
  • Student debates (structured and moderated by staff)
  • Classroom discussions on related topics led by school staff
  • A designated protest area
    • Schools can designate a safe and adequate space on campus for students to hold their demonstration
    • Could be a symbolic location at the school
    • Students could be encouraged to sign cards to send to Parkland students or postcards to forward to elected officials (could “march” to a location on campus to deliver the cards and letters)
  • On-site/campus forums for discussions (designate specific places for student meetings or speech)
  • Modified schedules

If you have additional questions, please contact the principal at your child’s school.


Estimados padres de familia y tutor:

Los primeros tres paros escolares organizados están programados para el 14 de marzo de 2018 para conmemorar el primer aniversario del trágico tiroteo en la preparatoria Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School en Parkland, Florida. Los organizadores del paro escolar nacional “National School Walkout” están pidiendo a los alumnos que abandonen la escuela durante 17 minutos, un minuto por cada víctima, para mostrar su frustración por la falta de acción política en respuesta a los numerosos tiroteos escolares que han ocurrido en los Estados Unidos.


La lista de los paros o manifestaciones a nivel nacional incluye:


Al igual que nuestros colegas de todo el país, sentimos una profunda tristeza por los sucesos ocurridos en Florida y hemos trabajado con las partes interesadas ​​del distrito (alumnos, personal, padres de familia, y miembros de la comunidad) para elaborar recursos y guías para apoyar a las escuelas y al alumnado. Asimismo, reconocemos que es una oportunidad para orientar a los alumnos sobre cómo pueden participar cívicamente y estar activos políticamente de manera segura y constructiva. Como distrito, es importante que busquemos oportunidades para escuchar y entender, con respeto y empatía, mientras ayudamos a los alumnos a desarrollar su voz. El tiroteo de la escuela Parkland ha despertado las emociones y el compromiso de los alumnos de toda nuestra nación, sin embargo, por razones de seguridad, estamos alentando a los alumnos a permanecer en el campus y en la escuela durante los paros programadas.


A continuación, proporcionamos algunas preguntas frecuentes que pueden ser útiles:

P: ¿La escuela estará en sesión durante los paros estudiantiles mencionados anteriormente?

R: La escuela estará en sesión durante dos de los paros programados (es decir, el 14 de marzo y el 20 de abril). La fecha del 24 de marzo de 2018 cae en sábado durante las vacaciones de primavera. Esperamos que los alumnos asistan a la escuela y las clases durante todos los días escolares programados, así que asegúrese de que sus hijos estén en la escuela. También recomendamos que todos los padres y tutores hablen con sus hijos acerca de los próximos paros y les pidan que no abandonen el plantel, sino que busquen otras alternativas para expresar sus puntos de vista en el campus (favor de consultar las alternativas sugeridas a continuación).

Q: ¿Qué se está haciendo en las escuelas para prepararse para los paros?

A: Se ha recomendado a los líderes de las escuelas acercarse a los líderes estudiantiles para hablar sobre los panes para los próximos paros escolares y discutir alternativas. Dichas discusiones deben generar como resultado una estrategia que sea significativa y productiva que permita que la voz de los alumnos sea escuchada en un ambiente seguro.

Las escuelas también están abordando el tema durante clase antes de las fechas de los paros escolares programados. Es importante que el alumnado entienda la historia de las protestas y las manifestaciones civiles de nuestra nación y del mundo. Queremos que los alumnos estén informados sobre los problemas, además de conmemorar adecuadamente a los alumnos de Parkland. Las escuelas también han recibido recursos que apoyan la planificación de las lecciones en torno a los movimientos sociales (por ejemplo, protestas, contra-protestas, manifestaciones, etc.) que han impactado a las sociedades de todo el mundo.

P: ¿Cuáles son las consecuencias para el alumno por abandonar el salón de clases?

R: Legalmente, cuando los alumnos deciden abandonar el aula o el campus de manera voluntaria sin autorización se consideran inasistencias injustificadas y están sujetos a las mismas consecuencias que cualquier otro alumno que falta. Sin embargo, es importante señalar que los alumnos del distrito no serán sancionados por su participación en un evento aprobado por la escuela. De igual manera, estamos conscientes que los alumnos tienen diferentes puntos de vista y nuestra intención jamás es obligar al alumno a participar en manifestaciones en contra de su voluntad. Cada alumno decide si desea participar o no.

P: ¿Los maestros también abandonarán el aula o el plantel?

R: La ley de California exige que los distritos escolares supervisen atentamente a los alumnos mientras se encuentran en las instalaciones de la escuela durante el día escolar. Ningún miembro del personal del distrito debe abandonar sin autorización el aula, las instalaciones escolares, o su puesto y obligaciones. Asimismo, se espera que los maestros, en caso de que el paro escolar sea inminente e inevitable, se queden para impartir clase a los alumnos que decidan no participar, a menos que la administración escolar indique lo contrario.

Q: ¿Habrá consecuencias para los alumnos si participan en alguno de los paros escolares programados?

R: La ley exige que los alumnos asistan a la escuela. A los alumnos que abandonan el plantel para participar en un evento organizado no escolar se les pudiera marcar con inasistencia injustificada y recibir consecuencias típicas por sus acciones. Sin embargo, no se sancionará al alumno por participar en acciones cívicas organizadas y aprobadas por la escuela.

P: ¿Pueden organizar una manifestación en la escuela los alumnos?

R: Depende de las actividades específicas planificadas y de cuándo se llevará a cabo la manifestación. Las escuelas pueden adoptar reglas razonables que regulan el “tiempo, lugar y la manera” de ejercer los derechos de libertad de expresión. Por lo tanto, los alumnos no pueden organizar una manifestación si interrumpe el funcionamiento ordenado de la escuela o cometen algún acto ilegal o que infringe las reglas escolares. Sin embargo, cabe señalar que se pueden organizar manifestaciones pacíficas y ordenadas durante el almuerzo o antes o después del horario regular de clases. El tamaño de la demostración, así como otros factores, pueden afectar cuándo y dónde pueden ocurrir dichas manifestaciones dirigidas por alumnos.

P: ¿Cuáles son las posibles alternativas para los paros escolares?

R: Algunas de las alternativas que se discutieron incluyen las siguientes:

  • Eventos que se llevan a cabo antes o después del horario regular de clases (en lugar de abandonar el plantel).
    • Acceso supervisado, después de clases,  a auditorios con restricciones de tiempo.
    • Otras actividades que se realizan antes o después del horario regular de clases según corresponda.
  • Actividades durante el almuerzo (en lugar del paro escolar).
  • Llevar a cabo un foro en el momento preciso en que se planean los paros escolares.
  • Discutir el tema con políticos locales o nacionales.
  • Escribir cartas y campañas en redes sociales.
  • Zona de libre expresión para los discursos de los alumnos.
    • El personal escolar puede regular el uso de la palabra vulgar, lasciva, obscena y ofensiva.
    • Debe tener en cuenta que ambos puntos de vista del problema pueden ser presentados por varios alumnos.
  • Debates estudiantiles (estructurados y moderados por el personal).
  • Discusiones dentro del salón de clases sobre temas relacionados dirigidas por personal escolar.
  • Área designada para manifestaciones.
    • El personal escolar puede designar un espacio seguro y adecuado en el campus para que los alumnos realicen su demostración.
    • Podría ser una ubicación simbólica en la escuela.
    • Se podría animar a los alumnos a firmar tarjetas para enviar a los alumnos de Parkland o tarjetas postales para enviar a los funcionarios electos (se podría “marchar” a un lugar en el campus para entregar las tarjetas y cartas).
  • Foros en el plantel o en el campus para sostener discusiones (designar lugares específicos para reuniones estudiantiles o discursos).
  • Horarios modificados.


Si tiene preguntas adicionales, comuníquese con el director de la escuela de su hijo (a).


Cap and Gowns

As a reminder, students will be able to order their class rings, cap and gowns and graduation announcements at lunch time on Monday and Tuesday, March 12 and 13 in front of the Senior Lawn.  This will be the last time representatives from Socal recognition will be on campus to take orders.   Please remind your student to order their cap and gown.  In addition, if you’d like to order online, please go on to at www.socalrecognition.com.


The deadline to place cap and gown orders will be March 13 on site and online to allow enough time for manufacturing, shipping, and delivery.