Spring Sports

Baseball Varsity | JV 
Golf – Boys Varsity | JV 
Gymnastics Varsity | JV 
Lacrosse Varsity | JV 
Softball Varsity | JVNovice
Swimming Varsity | JV 
Tennis – Boys Varsity | JV 
Track Varsity |
Volleyball – Boys Varsity |


Winter Sports

Bastketball – Boys Varsity | JV | Freshmen
Basketball – Girls Varsity | JV | Freshmen
Roller Hockey Varsity | JV 
Soccer – Boys [website] Varsity | JV | Tournament [schedule]
Soccer – Girls Varsity | JV | Novice
Water polo – Girls Varsity | JV 
Wrestling Varsity |


Fall Sports

Cross Country Varsity | JV
Field Hockey Varsity
Football Varsity | JV | Freshmen
Golf – Girls Varsity |
Tennis – Girls Varsity | JV
Volleyball – Girls Varsity | JV
Water Polo – Boys Varsity |

On behalf of Otay Ranch High School, we would like to extend to you a warm and friendly welcome from one of the most ambitious athletic programs in the Metro Conference. We feel our success is due to the excellent coaching staff we have assembled, who provide a positive road to success; our student government, who continues to encourage a spirited student body; and our principal, who provides the leadership in the areas of academics and athletics. We are asking both students and parents to participate in and support our athletic program at Otay Ranch.

Judd Rachow
Athletics Director
(619) 591-5197

To compete the Student Athlete must:

    1. Not be over 19 years of age on September 1st of the present school year.
    2. Have attended high school not more than eight semesters after completing eighth grade.
    3. Have met residency requirements.
    4. Have passed in five (5) semester periods of work the previous report period with a 2.0 G.P.A., with no more than one “F” in scholarship or one F in citizenship.
    5. Be an amateur according to C.I.F. rules.
    6. Not compete on any outside team/club in the same sport during the school season of the sport.